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A successful organisation need to identify and adopt business models and innovation approaches that can help them sustain in the fast changing competitive business environment.  Data consultancy was started as a small unit stepping in providing services in the field of non-voice Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in Trichirapalli, Tamil Nadu, South India. We started to serve our clients in the field of digitalisation, type setting, epublishing, multimedia, and web development. Through the years of working with various clients from different verticals and domains, we have developed processes, procedures and methodologies that help us to meet and exceed each Read more   

eBooks have changed the way to read, purchase books, and manage them. The technical know how to develop the ebook requires a well design and editorial expertise. There is a prescribed format, design, and device for creating ebooks. We at Data Consultancy Services do ebook conversions, typesetting, ebook enhancement and ebook development.  Read more   

Using right images, conceptual diagrams, animations, video and sound effects make eLearning more effective. We at Data Consultancy Services do the audio, video editing, walkthrough, graphic work and small animation work to the make the custom content suitable the client’s requirements. We also do conversion of audio files,  Read more      

It’s a known fact that the website plays a very important role in growth of the business. Customers can get the clear idea and the features of your services and products through the website.  We at Data Consultancy Services strive to offer websites at cheap rate with quality. Innovative and creativity makes us  Read more